Helheim is a comic about what happens to the goddess Hel after ragnorok. It updates every Thursday.

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News- September

Update 25/09/2014

Hey everybody, sorry for the super late update...Another experiment with style, hope you don't mind! I added some new stuff to my Society6 if anyone is interested! I'm also feeling pretty pleased to have started my own Facebook page for my illustrations, like and share guys :)

Update 18/09/2014

New page is here! I hope you're enjoying it so far.

Update 11/09/2014

Huzzah for page 5! Thank you to everyone visiting and reading! If anyone is interested i'm posting art daily on my wordpress KatskiVhittlkov.com and i've also put some prints of personal work for sale on my society6

Update 04/09/2014

Page 4 is up! I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far, i'm really happy with the page views i'm getting, so thank you for taking the time to read the comic :). As I get used to drawing every day again, hopefully my art quality will keep improving, this is my first real comic so I apologise for crudeness!

Update 28/08/2014

Page 3 is here! This is all trial ad error here but I think im gradually getting a style sorted and getting my head around Manga studio. Also, who can guess the art history reference?

Update 21/08/2014

new page! Chapter 1, page 2 is live!

I have also added another codex page for Huginn and Muninn,Odin's ravens.


Update- 19/08/2014

 I have now added the section Mythology Codex.  In this section I will be updating character pages as well as writing about the actual myths associated with them. So far I've created Hel's page, there will be more to follow!